Salesforce reinvents its Consulting Partner Program

Read the full article by Tyler Prince Executive Vice President – WW Alliances & Channels at

The headline quote in the article is arresting:

Just a few months ago, IDC released data that showed that Salesforce partners today report an average year-over-year revenue growth of 48% and that, by 2020, for every $1 of Salesforce revenue, our partners will generate $4.14 of revenue . Applying this data to our own internal estimates, there is a massive, multi-billion dollar opportunity ahead of us—and Salesforce will need to attract nearly 10 times as many consultants as it has today.”

Their key areas of focus are:

1.  New emphasis on cross-cloud delivery capability in partner tiering

2.  Increased emphasis on expanding the Salesforce expert consultant ecosystem

3.  Increased focus on product and industry specializations

ACTION: Every Elements Partner who has a consulting practice should at least take time to evaluate the opportunity. Whilst, it may not prove to be relevant for many reasons, it should be considered seriously.

To learn more about how you can join the Salesforce Consulting Partner Program and for more specifics on the program itself, visit the Salesforce Partner Community.