Whilst not every client needs support in their transformation project, experience has shown that they will achieve their objectives more quickly if they are supported and guided by a Partner that has seen and done it many times before.  Elements does not provide project consulting. That is where Partners play an important role in the ecosystem.

Why Become a Partner?

There are three key reasons to become a Partner.

  1. win projects – win project work with Elements customers and provide value adding services
  2. annuity revenue from generating SaaS revenue – % commission on the annual revenue generated from lifetime sales of Elements
  3. managed service income – Elements sharing model enables you to managed a client’s process knowledge.

Is there a cost associated with being a Partner?

The first 500 Elements Partners with Partner Directory entries, will be free of charge as ‘Founding Partners’ for the first 2 years of Elements. After this point, the annual cost will be applied based on Partner level. Expected minimum costs are $100 per month for the base level Elements Partner.

What are the Partner benefits?

  • Partner Directory : An entry on the Partner Directory which is where customers are directed from main website for project support. Directory entry highlights Partner capabilities, industry knowledge, geographical coverage and showcases your customer successes and cases studies.
  • Answers Q& A and Content: Post questions and answers in the Answers Q&A Forum or content in the Content Database with a link back to your Partner Directory entry to raise your profile.
  • Lifetime commissions: % Commissions on lifetime revenue of SaaS revenue generated through registered opportunities with specific Accounts and users. Note the lifetime % will be based on the level of %commission applicable at the time of the customer purchase of each tranche of licenses.
  • Project Exchange : Partners can bid for work posted by Elements customers on the Project Exchange. Elements will manage the bidding, project award and payment process, holding the customer payments in escrow until work is accepted by the customer. Payment is then made automatically minus a 20% administration charge to Elements. Partners are free to work directly with the customer after the initial work is completed.

What are the Partnership Levels?

  • Elements Partner: This is the base level of Partner. This allows you to display the Elements Partner logo on your website, email signature or social media, linking to your Partner Directory entry.
  • Elements Global Partner: Global Partners have a proven ability to support and deliver global projects for Fortune500 customers. This is awarded at the discretion of the Elements Partner Team.
  • Elements App Partner: App Partners can develop and market complementary apps to Elements using the open API architecture.