Partner Application


Why become a Partner?

Elements Catalyst is designed to help you deliver more value to your clients It has been engineered  so you can work with multiple customers seamlessly. We believe this is a compelling proposition:

  • There is no cost to join the program.
  • You get a free Enterprise Space for demoing to clients
  • Earn a ongoing referral commission when customers upgrade to Pro and Enterprise features.

To join the Partner Program complete the registration form below or contact us at to arrange an initial discussion about our program and roadmap for the coming years.

3 simple steps to becoming an Partner

1. Your company needs to be REGISTERED on The Primary Partner representative needs to be an user. Registering is free.

2. Complete the online Partner Application Form (below) Please fill out all fields.

3. Once we process the form (normally within 24 hours) you will be sent a welcome email which contains information about how you add your Partner Directory entry, and it also has your Partner Order ID – so you can get referral commissions from customer sales.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact

Elements Partner Application



DOWNLOAD the PARTNER AGREEMENT using the link below