EC-Pricing Table (grid & header)

EC-Pricing Table (grid & header)
September 10, 2017 elementscloud

PRICING PLANS has the concept of Spaces; secure work areas where users can collaborate on content. Your user login gives you access to different Spaces. A Space can be FREE or PRO. FREE Spaces allow unlimited use. Access to PRO space requires a license.


FREE Space


Free, forever, for everyone
Get access to all the core features and collaborate with others - for free
Perfect for entry level projects or small organizations
PRO Space


Editor - $62/m, Viewer - FREE, Non profits get 50% discount
Billed monthly by credit card or invoiced $730/Editor annually in advance
GDPR compliance, documenting Salesforce Org, applying more rigorous controls

Global Management

from $1000/yr

Invoiced quarterly based on # of users across all Spaces: $20/user/year
The Global Admin is a single site-wide license that gives visibility of all the Spaces and all the users across the enterprise.
A Global Admin user can view, report and change user permissions at a Space level, but cannot create, edit or view content.
The license provides an unlimited number of Global Admin user licenses.