EC-Feature block 3×2

EC-Feature block 3×2
September 11, 2017 elementscloud

Freemium cloud app

Freemium means 100% free, for ever, for everyone. Priced for the Fortune 5 million, not just the Fortune 500. is 100% cloud running on AWS, tightly integrated into Salesforce. But it plays well with other apps and systems.

Capture requirements

Capture and manage all your requirements and users stories in one place with a managed lifecycle from “raised” to “implemented”.

Add supporting information and collaborate on requirements, link to process and Salesforce config items. Sync user stories with Jira.

Map processes

Develop simple, yet powerful hierarchical process maps. Connect, engage and communicate with your business users.

Develop a “single source of truth” that is more than project documentation, but is a platform for continuous improvement.

Sync Salesforce config

Get real insights into your Org customizations by sync’ing your config data to a Ref Model where you can see the full picture and can assess the impact of GDPR.

Add supporting notes and collaborate on any item.  Link any item to the requirements and the process steps that use it.

Deliver user training

Use the process content as the point of need training for end users by linking process steps to the supporting information (procedures, training , videos, apps).

Embed process diagrams in Salesforce standard and custom objects (by record type) so end users get process-driven training that is always up to date.

Provide governance

Manage a formal release cycle for process content from draft through to published with access to archives.

End users  can be confident they are using the most recent published version.

Demonstrate to auditors which process steps support the regulatory standards.