Is a business app design and build house for process-thinking organizations. Our Elements Experts architect, design and execute technology initiatives utilizing Elements – ensuring alignment with organizational objectives.

PARTNER TYPE: Consulting

PRACTICE AREA: BPM & Automation, Compliance & ISO, Innovation, Strategy, Systems Implementation, Transformation & Change

INDUSTRIES SUPPORTED: Consumer Goods, Energy & Construction, Financial Services, Life Sciences, Travel & Transportation

Quogent provides services to enterprises that include process strategy, modeling and process excellence planning. We also provide accelerated business application development services – migrating business apps to the cloud and ensuring proper alignment with their business objectives.

Quogent has a history of achievement with business application development; taking a process-centric approach to analysis, planning and design.

Our team brings experience working with the world’s most advanced organizations including Nestle, Microsoft, Novartis, Sony, Chevron, Disney and many other innovative organizations. We partner with our customers to create bespoke business apps coupled with best-in-class software tooling – ensuring experts are empowered to drive business innovation forward.

Quogent’s preferred approach is a methodology called Business Performance Alignment. BPA has been devised over the course of the past 15 years to address a pervasive challenge that most business face: getting IT application delivery to rapidly serve business unit’s opportunities for improvement. Through years working with BPM Management and Technology products, the founders of Quogent have developed an approach that provides healthy tracking of process performance, management of performance, identification of opportunities for improvement and methods for crafting those initiatives.


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