Business Process Agility

Business Process Agility

Business process simplification and improvement based on ISO9001, Lean SixSigma, TQM and engineering principles. UK based and able to offer these services globally via remote working.

PARTNER TYPE: Consulting

PRACTICE AREA: BPM & Automation, Compliance & ISO, Innovation, LEAN & SixSigma, Transformation & Change

INDUSTRIES SUPPORTED: Automotive & Industrial, Comms Media & Tech, Financial Services, Nonprofit, Public Sector

With an engineering background (I. Eng., MIET) and subsequent experience and qualifications in quality management and business process improvement, I have used a wide variety of process and enterprise modelling notations while looking for something that is simpler and more intuitive to use than BPMN and at a cost within the grasp of small companies. Elements, using UPN, provides this power and simplicity that’s why I am glad to be an Elements Partner.

As companies grow, their business processes and working practices reach a stage where these fail to keep up with business demands. This typically happens as companies grow to 100 (ref Grenier Curve and Dunbar number and my article ) and this is the size of company that I am now interested in working with. I am able to offer this service on clients sites in the UK and globally via remote working.




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